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Apokoronas 2017
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chess pawnsΣυνδιοργανωτές: Δήμος Αποκορώνου, Περιφεριακή Ενότητα Χανίων, Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Πλάκας,Αθλητικός Όμιλος Τάνος Αποκορώνου

International Chess Tournament “APOKORONAS 2017

25/8 – 2/9/2017

ORGANIZERS: Chania Tennis Club, Municipality of Apokoronas, Region Union of Chania, Sport Club Tanos Apokoronas, Cultural Association of Almirida.

PLAYING SYSTEM: Swiss FIDE  9 (nine) rounds.

PLAYING VENUE: Plakas Primary School, Apokoronas 


Confirmation of Participation:        Friday 25-8-2017   12.00 – 16.00

Opening Ceremony:                          Friday 25-8-2017   16.00

1st Round: Friday        25-8      17.00
2nd Round: Saturday   26-8      17.00
3th Round: Sunday      27-8      17.00
4h Round:  Monday      28-8      17.00
5th Round: Tuesday     29-8      17.00
6th Round: Wednesday 30-8      17.00
7th Round: Thursday    31-8      17.00
8th Round: Friday         1-9       17.00
9th Round: Saturday     2-9       10.00

Closing Ceremony: SATURDAY 2-9-2017 16.00

Participation: General fee 45€. This fee does not apply for players over 2200 international rating (women 2100). For players under 18 years old the participation fee is 35€. Participants must pay the entry fee until 1st of August (with the name of the player) into the following bank account: PIRAEUS BANK, ΙΒΑΝ:GR47 0172 7580 0057 5807 2265 660 BIC:PIRBGRAA. (Please, send your entry fee deposit receipt ion with your name, scanned by e-mail). Terminal date of deposit is since 1ST of August. After 1ST of August, there will be a 5 € increment in entry fees.


1st winner:          1500€

2nd winner:         1000€

3rd winner:           700€

4th  winner:           500€

5th winner:            300€

6th   winner :         200€

7th  winner:           150€

8th winner:            100€

1st woman:  :         200€

2nd woman:           100€

3rd woman:            50€

For young categories (boys and girls) under 8-18 there are special prizes (cups and metals)

TIE BREAKS: Following tiebreaks:  1) result between ties players 2) Bucholtz 3) the Sonneborn–Berger score 4) Sum of progressive scores.

In case of tie the money prizes are split equally.

The player that claims more than one award is receiving ONLY the biggest.

ACCOMODATION: For limited amount of players with international rating over 2550 (women 2450) it is provided FREE accommodation with fullboard, players with international rating over 2350 (women 2250) it is provided FREE accommodation (in double room with no meal included), players with international rating over 2150 (women 2050) it is provided 50% discount in accommodation

RESIDENCE AND HOTEL INFORMATION: For the room reservations you can be in touch with the organizers

Information – Participation : email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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